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07 December
Modular Kitchen Design
(Delhi) Regalo Kitchens provides customized modular kitchen price options at affordable costs Find bespoke kitchen layouts that suit your budget, featuring high-quality materials and clever designs. Regalo of...
No Image What kind of maintenance do the invisible grilles require? - Invisible Grille Provider These are low maintenance grilles. You can completely stop worrying about the grilles, as soon as InviSafe completes the installation process, and enjoy a 180° unobstructed panoramic view from your b...  Offering
No Image The grilles look really very thin. Is it sharp? Will I have to take precautions if I have kids or pe The invisible grilles are not at all dangerous. Although the grilles are thin, they cannot cut through skin or harm in any way. You need not worry at all about your kids or pets.  Offering
No Image Is it possible to slide open the invisible grille? - Invisible Grille Provider Unlike conventional grills, the invisible grilles system does not allow for sliding access because it requires fixed mountings to maintain its structural strength. If you are intending to install invi...  Offering
No Image Is it expensive to install invisible grilles? - Invisible Grille Provider Our grille system generally costs more than traditional window grilles but will help you save in the long run due to its durability and ease of maintenance. Besides being more aesthetically pleasing, ...  Offering
No Image Do you provide any after-sales/ or maintenance services after the installation? - Invisible Grille P Yes, we do provide after-sales and maintenance services. We give 5 years of warranty and ensure that you stay tension-free. In case of any issues, you can get in touch with us at 1800 102 1928 or simp...  Offering
No Image Do you also install the invisible grilles in commercial buildings as well? - Invisible Grille Provid Yes, we install the invisible grilles in commercial buildings too. The installation process and the pricing might vary compared to that for residential properties.  Offering
No Image Are your grilles safe for children? - Invisible Grille Provider The invisible grilles system are actually stainless steel cables measuring 2 to 2.3mm thick. These cables are able to withstand up to 80kg before breaking, and customers have the option to keep the di...  Offering
No Image Can invisible grilles be installed on all windows? - Invisible Grille Provider The invisible grilles system can be customised to fit windows and balconies of varying sizes so long there are spaces where we can mount the wall plugs and cable tracks that will hold the cables in pl...  Offering
No Image Pigeon Netting in Pune - Nets N Spikes India Net N Spikes Pigeon netting have been a leader in the bird-proofing industry for over a decade now. With our headquarters in Pune, over the years we have expanded to Bangalore, New Delhi, Chennai, Mum...  Offering
No Image Pigeon Net for Balcony Bangalore - Nets N Spikes India We provide the best services for pigeon net for balcony in Bangalore, India. Along with that, our pigeon net service does the job of pigeon proofing very efficiently. Our Pigeon net services are very ...  Offering
No Image Nylon Bird Netting in Pune - Nets N Spikes India Nylon bird netting has a extended toughness and higher breaks strength. Known this reason, it is often used as strong barriers of buildings, offices and open airs to block birds out like pigeons.  Offering
No Image Industrial Bird Netting in Pune - Nets N Spikes India Nets n Spikes offers world class industrial bird netting solutions, our industrial bird proofing solutions are matched with global standards. 500+ satisfied industrial clients all over India are using...  Offering
No Image Heavy Duty Bird Netting in Pune - Nets N Spikes India Heavy duty bird netting mentions to the strength and material of the netting. These nets are normally used for commercial bird netting applications requiring particular break strengths depending on ...  Offering
No Image Glass Safety Nets in Pune - Nets N Spikes India We Nets N Spikes are a renowned organization engaged in manufacturing an extensive collection of Glass Safety Nets, Bird Netting, Bird Nets, and much more. Glass Safety Nets is seen to be used nowaday...  Offering
No Image Coconut Safety Nets in Pune - Nets N Spikes India Net N Spikes pvt ltd offer coconut safety netting, which safeguards people and vehicles from coconuts and other falling objects towards the ground Coconuts are often seen falling from trees, sometimes...  Offering
Laminate Manufacturer in Gorakhpur
(AL-19/A-1, Sector-13, GIDA) Splice ply is the best one laminate manufacturer in Gorakhpur. A Splice laminate door is available in all the popular timber woodgrains, but can also incorporate innovative finishes and textures.To ex...
No Image Children Safety Nets in Pune - Nets N Spikes India Net N Spikes India pvt. Ltd. has best permanent resolution for get rid of accidents in those places. Defend your children’s at high enormous apartments then it’s recommended to fix childre...  Offering
Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon
(Gurgaon) With the help of our custom modular kitchen in gurgaon solutions, transform your Gurgaon house. providing premium materials, creative storage solutions, and designs that maximize available space. Impr...
Modular Kitchen in Delhi
(Delhi) Find the best modular kitchen in delhi options available! Our designs optimize the use of available space by fusing style and functionality. High-grade materials and clever storage solutions are avai...

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