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18 September
The Margin of Victory: Unpacking the Importance of Every Voter's Role
(Mohali) Elections are often decided by the thinnest of margins, underlining the crucial role each voter plays. This title highlights the significance of individual participation in shaping electoral outcomes....
13 September
Election Process Decoded: How Votesmart Helps You Navigate
(Mohali) Votesmart is your compass in the complex world of elections. We simplify the election process, providing you with clear and concise information on candidates, issues, and ballot measures. With our use...
06 September
The Democracy Diaries: Your Entries on India's Elections
(Mohali) The Democracy Diaries is an open forum where you become the storyteller of India's democratic journey. Your personal narratives, insights, and experiences related to elections take center stage. Share...
04 September
The Human Element: Educating Voters on Cybersecurity Best Practices
(Mohali) Educating voters on cybersecurity best practices is vital to bolstering the integrity of elections. In today's digital landscape, voters must be well-informed about common cyber threats like phishing ...
24 August
How Voters from Backward Areas are Shaping Elections
(Mohali) In India, voters from backward areas are emerging as significant influencers in electoral outcomes. These resilient communities, long marginalized, are now asserting their voices. Their votes are beco...
22 August
Behind Closed Doors: The Intricacies of Political Power in India
(Mohali) Behind Closed Doors: The Intricacies of Political Power in India delves deep into the covert corridors of Indian politics, unveiling the concealed strategies, alliances, and maneuvers that shape t...
04 July
Data-Driven Decisions: The Promise of Vote Smart India
(Mohali) Vote Smart India holds the key to transforming the electoral landscape with its data-driven approach. By providing comprehensive and verified information about candidates and their policies, the initi...