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25 June
No Image Chocolate Coating Machine
(Shenyang) Chocolate Coater Machine can be attached to the peanuts, candy, raisins. It is purpose-designed to coat chocolate-covered dragee assortments. The machine can form a complete system of coating mach...
Zoldonat Zoledronate 4mg Injection | Get Zoledronate 4mg Injection Online | Buy Indian Generic Zole
(CHINA, Beijing) Zoldonat 4mg Injection contains the active ingredients Zoledronic Acid manufactured by Natco Pharma Limited. It belongs to a class of drugs called bisphosphonates which increase bone density and decre...
No Image Sunitinib 50mg Sutent Capsules | Get Sutent Capsules Online | Generic Sutent Capsules at Low Price |
(CHINA, Beijing) Sutent 50mg Capsules contains active ingredient Sunitinib and inactive ingredient of CARBAGLU are croscarmellose sodium, hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, silica colloidal anhydrous, sodium la...
Palbociclib 125mg Ibrance Capsules | Purchase Ibrance Capsules | Generic Ibrance Capsules at Low Pri
(HONGKONG, Beijing) Palbociclib is utilized for treating hormone receptor (HR)-positive certain sorts of breast cancer pre- or premenopausal women. It is chemotherapy medicate that works by abating or ceasing the develop...
Imbruvica Ibrutinib 140 mg Capsules | Buy Online Ibrutinib 140 mg Capsules | Lowest Price Imbruvica
(GUANGZHOU, Beijing) Imbruvica 140 mg Capsules generic composition is Ibrutinib by Janssen Biotech, Inc; is a biotechnology company that was founded in Philadelphia. Ibrutinib is a medicine that targets proteins in cancer...
Bortenat Bortezomib 2mg Injection | Buy Bortenat Injection Online | Get Indian Generic Bortenat Inje
(HongKong, Beijing) Bortenat Injection is used in chemotherapy medicine which is used in the treatment of different cancers like mantle cell lymphoma ; a cancer of white blood cells and multiple myelomas; a cancer of bon...
Velpatasvir Sofosbuvir Tablets
(GUANGZHOU, Beijing) Velpatasvir Sofosbuvir Tablets is used in the treatment of chronic Hepatitis C, a viral infection of the liver and sometimes can be taken with other another antiviral medication. The trade name is Hep...
Pomalid Pomalidomide 2mg Capsules
(CHINA, Beijing) Pomalid Pomalidomide 2mg Capsules active ingredients are mannitol, pregelatinized starch,and sodium stearyl fumarate. It is used in the treatment of Multiple Myeloma i.e. bone marrow cancer. It is tak...
Regorafenib 40mg Tablets | Resihance Tablets | Lowest Price Regorafenib 40mg | Generic Resihance tab
(HongKong, Beijing) Regorafenib is utilized to treat disease of the colon cancer and rectum cancer which has spread to different parts of the body. It is likewise used to treat liver growth and Gastrointestinal Stromal T...
Daclatasvir Natdac Tablets | Natdac 60 mg tablet | Natdac 60 mg price | buy Natdac 60 mg online | Da
(GUANGZHOU, Beijing) Natdac Tablets Daclatasvir, an immediate acting antiviral medication that is utilized to treat endless Hepatitis C virus (HCV) disease and also used to treat genotype 3 chronic hepatitis C in adults w...
Hepcinat Sofosbuvir 400 mg Tablets | Buy Natco Hepcinat LP | Indian Generic Hepcinat Sofosbuvir Tabl
(CHINA, Beijing) Hepcinat 400 mg Tablets is utilized in the treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C infection and also used in liver cancer. It is an antiviral medicine. This medication reduces the chance of re-occurrence of...
Erlonat Erlotinib 150 mg Tablet | Get Erlotinib 150 mg Tablet at Low Price | Indian Generic Erlonat
(CHINA, Beijing) Erlonat Erlotinib 150 mg Tablet specification: Brand Name: Erlonat Active Ingredients: Erlotinib Hydrochloride Manufacturer: Natco Pharma Ltd. Strength: 150 mg...
Crizotinib 250 Mg Capsules | Buy Crizalk Capsules | Purchase Generic Crizotinib 250 mg Capsules |
(HongKong, Beijing) Crizotinib 250 mg Capsules is utilized for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer that is caused by a deformity in a quality called ALK i.e. anaplastic lymphoma kinase a receptor tyrosine kinase ...
Sorafenib 200 Mg Tablets | Sorafenib Sorafenat Tablets | Purchase Sorafenib Tablets at Lowest Price
(GUANGZHOU, Beijing) Sorafenib 200 Mg Tablets with a brand Sorafenat manufactured by Natco Pharma Ltd. Sorafenib is used in the treatment of thyroid cancer, liver cancer as well as renal cancer by blocking the cancer ce...
Temonat Temozolomide Capsules | Buy Generic Temonat Capsules | Get Temonat Capsules at Low Price | T
(CHINA, Beijing) Temonat prescription contains generic salt substance Temozolomide. Brand/Trade name is Temonat. Temozolomide Capsules goes under the quantities of 20 mg, 100 mg and 250 mg manufactured by Natco Pharma...
Imatinib Veenat 100 mg & 400mg | Buy Veenat Nacto Pharmacy | Indian Generic Veenat | Get Imatinib Ve
(HongKong, Beijing) Veenat (Imatinib) is a generic of Gleevec and has a place with a class of meds known as protein-tyrosine kinase inhibitor. It is manufactured by Natco Pharma Ltd. Veenat (Imatinib) is utilized for the...
Geftinat gefitinib India generic medicine
(GUANGZHOU, Beijing) Gefitnib is an oral agent of epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor, and it has a certain efficacy against non-small cell lung cancer. There are some reports that the non-small cel...
Geftistar Gefitinib Tablets | Gefitnib250mg Tablets | Indian generic Gefitinib| Buy Gefitinib Tabl
(china, Beijing) Geftistar, made by Hetero, contains Gefitinib as dynamic fixing. Geftistar Tablet is utilized for treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCL). It works by slowing and stopping the growth and spread...
20 June
No Image Snicker Line
(Shenyang) SEMMCo is the leading equipment manufacturer and distributor company. We have the proper range of snicker line, candy bar line, cereal bar line, and krokant line which giving by us at the best price t...
14 June
No Image Chocolate Coater
(Shenyang) Our first objective is customer satisfaction. We offer the exclusive range of snicker line, candy bar line, cereal bar line, and krokant line for our customer. We passionate to take the leading positi...

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