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The Best Standing Desk in 2023 - New York

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An adjustable height desk improves your posture, fitness, and workspace.

Sitting for extended periods of time isn't good for anyone. The sedentary lifestyle has been linked to a raft of health issues, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and increased levels of anxiety and depression in workers. It's an issue addressed by height-adjustable sitting-standing desks - ideal for improving productivity, or relieving the aches and pains of sitting at a desk for too long.

A motorized standing desk is an increasingly popular piece of furniture in modern offices and small offices or home offices. They can meet the needs of users of different shapes and heights. Sit-stand conversion can help people relieve fatigue and maintain a healthy physical fitness during long hours of work or study.

Do you really need an electric adjustable desk?

Before deciding to buy an electric adjustable table, first ask yourself if you really need it. I personally summarized the following 5 usage scenarios.

1. People who often need to sit at a desk and write often have a lot of pressure on their spine. Switching to an electric adjustable table can switch standing and sitting positions at any time, relieve body pressure and avoid abdominal distension.

2. The height of the desks and chairs does not match, or the individual is relatively tall, and the desk is required to meet his needs (the height of the common desks is fixed, about 70-75 cm.

3. When shared by multiple people, the standing computer desk can meet the height requirements of different users.

4. Children grow taller quickly, and the electric table can meet the height needs of different age groups.

5. Users with special scene needs, such as users who want to sit and do light exercise

If you think you just have this need, or plan to buy a new desk, then the electric desk is undoubtedly an excellent choice. We have tried many kinds of electric desks back and forth, and we have some experience in this, so we recommend the best 3 for you.

1. Fezibo L shaped standing desk

We really like the design of this Fezibo Triple Motor Standing Desk. With its dual motor the table is able to move up and down quickly and quietly.

V2 Triple Motor L-shaped Standing Desk has reversible 3 motors, can be left-sided or right-sided, allowing for extra flexibility in daily use and layouts. You may not be satisfied with the limited styles of the past. So in this new series, they offer you a wider range of customization options, like colors, frames, and sizes etc.

2. Fezibo Best Electric Standing Desk

This whole board desktops with no splicing seams, more elegant. Certified by CARB and EPA. Sedentary is the new smoking. The easiest and most sustainable way to combat the effects of over-sitting is to own a standing desk. FEZiBO standing desk was born under the concept of minimizing design to pursue maximum comfort. You can have 4 kinds frame to meet you different demand.

With a sturdy structure that can hold up to 12 kg, the Fezibo Stand Up Desk Converter comes in a dual tier design that offers you enough space for two monitors and a lower tier that is big enough to fit your keyboard and mouse.

3. Fezibo Adjustable Desk with Drawers

It offers you monitor stand, give you storage cubicle and two drawers. This highly rated desk is popular among Amazon reviewers and Strategist readers because it solves the problem of under-desk storage by adding it on top of the desk instead, via a monitor-rising shelf and two small drawers to tuck away pens, pencils, charging cables, and other office clutter.The solid upper layer can be used to put monitors and some things that exceed the height of the storage cubicle, such as: vases, calendars, photo frames. This storage space is suitable for storing your glasses, laptops, tablets, keyboards, etc. In addition, there is a cable hole in the middle of the board for cables to pass through. Two fabric drawers can be easily installed to store small items that are easy to roll, lose, and anything you want to hide from your desk.

How to pick the best Sit stand desk for you ?


Several different types of standing desks are included above, including motorized desks that can be lowered or raised with a button, stationary desks, and even desks with wheels. Consider your needs, your height, and even where you will be working, then choose from the options above. Plus, some standing desks leave room for a walking mat underneath for even more mobility.

"Walking mats are a great way to maintain your walking routine while you're at work, as long as it doesn't interfere with your productivity. However, even slow or short walks can improve your overall activity level. Some people even find that walking at work It can stimulate their creativity and increase their productivity," says Dr. Cederquist.


A standing desk doesn't need to be a big investment if you don't want one. We've listed a range of prices starting at over $100.


How big should my standing gaming desk be? It depends on your job setup requirements. Choose a smaller desk for a laptop, or a larger desk if you have multiple monitors and other gadgets you need on a daily basis.


Combining the above, you can customize a standing desk to your space. Some tables simply sit in existing locations, while others are corner standing desk and fit neatly in the corner of a room.


The above are the key points we have summarized about the purchase of electric lift tables. Strictly speaking, an electric desk is definitely not a necessity, but the change of sitting and standing postures can indeed greatly improve body functions. If you are like us and often sit in front of the computer for hours, This electric desk is a good choice.

PS - the Golden Match for Standing Desk

, by the way, I would like to recommend the recently purchased engineering chair, which looks good and feels comfortable to sit on, and is very suitable for use with a lift desk.

Fezibo C4-2 Best Ergonomic office chair

We really like it's S-shaped backrest mimics the human spine, helping to release pressure on the spine. The smooth waterfall curved seat design thigh support allows you to sit more comfortably. This ergonomic office chair features a breathable, full mesh ergonomic design, after use it even a long day, I can say I can say goodbye to stuffy weather.


 The Best Standing Desk in 2023 - New York For Sale

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